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Working papers

Paper Series

The Centre’s Working Paper Series was established in 2001 to commission and disseminate new research on Germany and Europe by scholars affiliated with The Centre. These publications are available in hardcover and electronic form. Please note that the views expressed in the Working Papers Series are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of CCGES / CCEAE.

Working Paper #20 (2012) Transatlantic Graduate Student Conference Series: Transmedial Approaches to Space and Gender

Working Paper #19 (2010) Labour Migration and the Europeanization of  Trade Unions: A Look at Developments in the Construction Sector in Germany
Markus Kip

Working Paper #18 (2009) Pristine Traditions of the Volk: Antimodernism and Cultural Selection in German Buenos Aires, 1905-1915
Ben Bryce

Working Paper #17 (2009) Activist hedge funds and the erosion of Rhenish capitalism: The impact of impatient capital
Jan Fichtner

Working Paper #16 (2008) Corporate Social Responsibiity and Human Rights in the Context of the European Union
Nicolae Irina

Working Paper #15 (2008) Identity discourses in the German headscarf debate
Robert Gould

Working Paper #14 (2008) Re-conceptualizing religious space in the German Democratic Republic
Lee Kuhnle

Working Paper #13 (2008) Raise the white flag: Conflict and Collaboration in Alsace
Matt Bera

Working Paper #12 (2008) Homosexuals in Austria: Nazi persecution and the long struggle for rehabilitation
Kurt Krickler

Working Paper #11 (2008) The Ontological Unity of Reason and Revelation as demonstrated by Hegel
Lee Kuhnle

Working Paper #10 (2004) The Politics of Memory in Germany, Israel and the United States of America.
Matthias Hass

Working Paper #9 (2004) Decentralization and the status quo in Ontario and Bavaria
Steffen G. Schneider and Thomas R. Klassen

Working Paper #8 (2004) Co-ordinated continental market economies under pressure from globalisation
Jürgen Hoffmann

Working Paper #7 (2003) Ideas, Institutions and the Exhaustion of Modell Deutschland?
Christopher S. Allen

Working Paper #6 (2003) Pressure from Without, Subversion from Within
Daniel Kinderman

Working Paper #5 (2003) From Burden to Opportunity
Darius Zifonun

Working Paper #4 (2004) Contrasting Milieus and Common Constraints
Rodney Haddow, Steffen G. Schneider and Thomas R. Klassen

Working Paper #3 (2002) Reputation Failure: The Economic and Monetary Union and its Institutional Flaws
Kurt Hübner

Working Paper #2 (2002) Workfare and Welfare: Britain’s New Deal
Richard Beaudry

Working Paper #1 (2001) Changing Concepts of Sovereignty and Jurisdiction in the Global Economy
Suzanne E. Gordon

For information on submitting a paper to the series, please contact Professor Heather MacRae,